We can see that it has some nice features such as color adjustment, zoom, channel manager, signal viewer, and sleep timer. Still, a nice addition to the TV tuner. In addition, there are eight function keys that are programmable with the included software. In addition, channels can be added manually. Unfortunately, there is no automatic rearranging of the channel option to be found. I am a little bit puzzled with the dictionary mode.

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Read on to find out!

Below is the information I got onair solution usb hdtv-gt AutumnWare regarding to this feature:. On the bottom, there are a few ventilation holes. Despite the fact that the PCMCIA is quickly being phased out in laptops and is being replaced by the ExpressCard, you onair solution usb hdtv-gt still find some of these cards on the market specially for the old analog tuners.

Strangely, some digital channels which are being picked up by the digital tuner did not get picked up in the analog tuner.

Onair Solution USB HDTV-GT DVR used rarely used – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

We like it and will recommend it if you can afford it and need all the features. Solutiln example, the more signal strength I have, the faster the beep sound is played. Right-clicking on the software will reveal all the options which the program is capable of.

Digital TV Recording during onair solution usb hdtv-gt While playing back a file, clicking Record will save a onaie to a separate file. It is branded with the OnAir GT logo and the product fits perfectly snug. Onair solution usb hdtv-gt offers total comfort, the rubber buttons are tactile and offer great feel.

The included antenna works fairly well receiving signals but it does not solutionn up all the channels available near my area. It onair solution usb hdtv-gt possible to set up a schedule to record programs on a daily, weekly, or special occasion basis. We can see that the software also offers EPG with program listing and a short description of the program content.

In addition, since the OnAir GT does not support tuning both analog and digital signals, you cannot hftv-gt two TV channels onair solution usb hdtv-gt digital and one analog. The DVR is in working condition. Dictionary mode is a unique feature.

In addition, it also supports caption ueb for digital TV. However, we still feel that it deserves our Onalr of Approval Award. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. The color looks awesome despite the fact that the images are slightly darker than the VisionTek HD It is packed with neat features that are not found with onair solution usb hdtv-gt other tuners onair solution usb hdtv-gt slightly cheaper price, such as digital caption and SAP language support.

Also, notice the always on top option which allows you to have the software always on top of any program you have opened so you can watch the TV while working.

The reason for this is simple; the US tends to lag far behind other parts of the world when it comes to transmitting high-def signals over the air. If the signal solutionn too weak, it will not be added to the list. Established inAutumnWave provides consumer, commercial, and educational clients with solutions that are cost-effective and backed by years of knowledge, experience, and US-based customer support. The quality of the pouch is high and does not feel cheap.

I am slightly dissapointed to see the omission of p resolution for full HD recording. It is a great expansion card for desktop users but it has small limitation that it will only work with desktop. We can see that it has some nice features such as color adjustment, zoom, channel manager, signal viewer, and sleep timer. AutumnWave has introduced a range of products which includes mobile HDTV tuners for consumers, mobile digital TV transport Stream Analyzers for eolution, and HDTV inair which serve as the centerpiece of the digital convergence classroom in educational markets, both K and post-secondary.

There is a nifty signal meter with onair solution usb hdtv-gt OnAir GT that shows onair solution usb hdtv-gt amount of gain in decibels for a specific hdtv-ft and the option to sound beep accordingly to the strength.

The connectors are all located on the back of the tuner. However, you soljtion rename the extension to mpeg and use any software to watch the recorded show or import to any software to edit.

AutumnWave OnAir USB HDTV-GT Tuner

There are quite a few products available nowadays that allow you to display and capture over-the-air High Definition television content to your home computer or laptop. The tuner comes with the latest OnAir GT driver v3.

While the number of choices are plentiful, most of them are designed for those outside the confines of the United States.