Dell’s Studio XPS 16 looks to be a solid choice for gaming and movies, as well as getting the job done, while keeping costs within reason. However, the numerous deliberate details, which do not leave anything to chance, are even more interesting. By the fact that it outperforms the Gateway on all of our tests, it’s plain that the Dell is the performance winner of those two PCs. At the time of writing alternatives are not available. In the test the notebook reached a runtime of up to more than three hours. Lifting the about three kilogrammes heavy notebook on the front edge, is possible without recognizable deformations or creaking.

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This notebook also scores points in regards of noise emissions. Even gaming notebooks like the M17 from Alienware are not capable of this.

Dell Studio XPS review: Dell Studio XPS – CNET

Interesting in two two respects: If you choose the energy saving profile from the energy options, the dedicated graphics card will be deactivated and the fan falls silent within seconds.

We don’t recommend its small, dell xps studio case for upgraders, but this PC will satisfy anyone who needs a loaded, powerful PC for gaming and consumer-level digital dell xps studio editing.

The notebook provides nearly all usual ports. We hope Dell continues to concentrate on design, because it does a good dell xps studio if slightly derivative — job.

With constant load the fan caused a noise level of about Furthermore, it gets once again obvious in comparison that a Geforce M GT is indeed clearly more powerful and dell xps studio to get the lead over the Geforce This LED panel is bright and has a good contrast.

We quite liked the results of the application-oriented PC Mark benchmark test from Futuremark. It’s also a powerful performer that handles HD content particularly well, although it suffers from an unimpressive battery life. Dell Support From drivers and dell xps studio to diagnostic tools and replacement parts, Dell Product Support has you covered!

Dell xps studio The two integrated loudspeakers are left and right above the keyboard beside the hinges. Dell Support Studoo Our centrally located, easy-to-use application provides personalized support resources.

Comp Reviews Dell’s new Studio XPS 16 introduces a new low cost luxury laptop lineup that mixes design elements from multiple product lines. Of course the first step in utilizing this feature is dell xps studio configure the according software and store ones face and optionally also add a password.

Review Dell Studio XPS 16 Notebook – Reviews

Regarding case stability the studoo flexural rigid base unit deserves being mentioned in a positive way. Moore’s Law is still very much in effect here.

Because of the good result in the 3D Mark benchmark, dell xps studio question arises: By the fact that it outperforms the Gateway on all of our tests, it’s plain that the Dell is the performance winner of those two PCs. Of course also the XPS has some weak pointse. A lower environment temperature could help make the fan completely silent, because the dell xps studio temperatures of the Studio XPS play an important role. On a resolution of x pixel, medium details, and 2x anti-aliasing, the frame rate partly fell to hardly above 15 fps, which does not allow a reasonable game play.

Review article continued below. Hardly two hours with ideal energy saving settings is too short for a reasonable mobile use.

In the worst casethat is under load without energy saving options, the battery life is dell xps studio minutes Battery Eater Classic test. There is absolutely no question about the HD belonging to the rather powerful middle-class video dell xps studiowhich deol about as powerful than a M GS from nVidia.

Review Dell Studio XPS 16 (1640) Notebook

dell xps studio Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. Back to the Future Source: Also the two buttons score points by a feeling typical for Dell, that is soft feedback and good key travel.

Only the big maintenance opening made of a single aluminium part gives minimally at the vent holes. We lamented the screen’s heavy, distracting reflections, but the degree stuvio viewing angles mean you can easily watch a flick with a friend sitting beside you. The touchpad dell xps studio like the one in the XPS The touch-sensitive hot keys are also illuminated and, so, using them got even easier.

So, deviations caused by measurement of the used Eye One display tester, which is used dell xps studio the following visualization, are possible.