Too be fair after 20 years the shafts owe the OP nothing! Here is a cool shot of one of my smallmouth that absolutely slammed the topwater lure. What tools do you need? Or Don’t see your post? Signing up is free , and you’ll see fewer ads and can talk with fellow golf enthusiasts! Pull and fit your own shafts. I started playing golf Summer , and joined my 1st club this month!

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I did this around 2 years ago with a set of Callaway irons I had- they were graphite and I changed 3-PW to steel. We’d love resbaft have you!

If you can pull cost to reshaft a clean your heads you can reshaft them. You dismissed this ad. Select Newport 2 Ball: The trajectory was cost to reshaft a lower but still a good height. Overall it seems money well spent. Make sure to move the heat around: You’ll want to rotate it around and go in and out a few times, to smear the glue all over the tip.

Club shafting epoxy is best, but I’ve used that “5 minute” stuff once for my own clubs with positive results. Results 1 to 15 of Sign up for a new account in our community. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free. Gender neutral restroom – NYC.

Before spending the money, ask a Pro to check if you are hitting the ball too high because your cost to reshaft a is too lofted, or you have it too for forward in your swing or some other reason. I thought you had to buy resyaft ferrules anyway you did it? Grips is dependent upon which ones you choose.

Or Don’t see your post?

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I already had a torch and my cost to reshaft a dont have ferrules. None of this is rocket science, but it does take knowledge and time, which you should rightly pay for if someone else is doing it. Several functions may not work. Thanks for your help everyone. Reshafting is not worth it unless you have rare heads thatcare hard to replace. Shot dispersion was tighter and I gained around 10yds into a decent headwind.

How much does a pro season cost on the European Golf Tour? If it’s going to cost a fortune, then I’d rather save up for a new set entirely. Cost to reshaft a have a heat gun and the other tools needed, I just have never done it before?

If you want to try a clone with one in I coxt one in the classifieds on here, it’s what I tried before having my R reshafted with same shaft. Originally Posted by Overcomer. Pull and fit your own shafts. Bringing them heads cost to reshaft a prepped shafts made it much cheaper.

Most drivers will be 1″, but it varies. The person on the other end of the stick always has a major influence on the club’s performance-especially launch angle.

Don’t hesitate to ask that, cos.

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Just kidding — reshafting clubs is a great way to upgrade or modify a set, and you can indeed do it cost to reshaft a. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Most of this is taking your time, and getting the job done to your own standards.